2011 – More of the Same, or New Horizons for Career?

I have no idea what 2011 will bring in terms of career direction or opportunities. Really – no idea. If you’d asked me in December of 2010 what I’d be doing today, I’d have answered with a fair degree of confidence that I’d be at the same firm doing some interesting things with web marketing, social media and helping my former firm continue moving into up-to-date technology and communications. But – things changed – a lot, and I’m onto a totally new organization in a wonderful, exciting and challenging role.

So – what’s next? For any of us actively managing a career and/or career transition, I’d recommend one crucial thing (okay – maybe two).

First – I plan to embrace many more new things. The world – all of it – is changing so fast, to do otherwise is to risk being obsolete really fast. The best way to ensure yourself of as close to a recession-proof career is to make continuous learning a skill and CORE personal competency.

Second – I will stay connected to people – lots of them! A vibrant, professional network is not a luxury. It is an absolutely essential professional resource.

So – what’s it going to be for you? More of the same? Or, are you ready and willing to try some new things in 2011?


About cosborn

I like to think, engage in innovative problem solving and spreading the good word about social media and Linked In!
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