4 Tips for Success at a New Job

I am starting my new job Monday (8/2/10).

I left my prior employer at the end of June to accept this new role – VP of Marketing at Business Training Library (www.bizlibrary.com – and stay tuned for the launch of our new web site soon!) As I am preparing to start my new job and move my career in yet another direction, I thought I’d record how these first weeks go and what I’ve been doing to get ready to step into this role and be productive right away. So – for what it’s worth, here are my tips for success in a new job.

  1. Research. I am spending a lot of time reading and researching in two distinct areas that look like they will be critical to my success – or not – in this role. First, I am reading as much material as I can on marketing practices and best practices in the current web 2.0 world we inhabit. Second, I’m reading as much material and information as I can absorb on the e-learning, training and LMS worlds.
  2. Communicating & connecting. I’m stepping into a really exciting and cool role, so that’s really great. But – I am also going to be the new “kid” on the block on the leadership team. So I am working hard now to establish the foundations for effective working relationships with my peers and members of the team I will lead.
  3. Paying attention to myself. I am working out more and eating better than I was in the final several months of my prior job. Frankly, I didn’t even realize just how fired and burned out I’d gotten until I left. I needed the time away to decompress and reenergize myself. So I’ve tried to use this time wisely to prepare my mind but also to get my energy level elevated a bit and just feel better generally.
  4. Preparing to listen. This may be the single most important part of my on going preparation efforts.

I may fall flat on my can in my new role. I don’t think I’m going to do that, but it’s certainly no sure thing that I am going to succeed. The second fact I am confronting is that this new role is an amazing gift and great career opportunity. I am determined to make the most of it. But rather than leaving my success up to chance, hard work and a little luck, I am trying to get my mind and body wrapped around the things I need to do to make a positive impact.

Which gets me to my last point for and tip #4 above. I have a tendency to fire, shoot and THEN aim. Big mistake in a new role, and I know that. I am making a lengthy list of the things I DON’T know going into this new organization and new leadership team. And trust me – I know a whole lot LESS than I do know. I am getting prepared to listen and learn – a lot. My peers and my team know a ton more about what they’re doing than me, and I have to make sure I foster relationships that will lead to their willingness to help me by sharing what they know and reducing – hopefully at a rapid rate – my level of ignorance about the organization.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know how my first few weeks go.


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I like to think, engage in innovative problem solving and spreading the good word about social media and Linked In!
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10 Responses to 4 Tips for Success at a New Job

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  2. Vicky Wors says:

    Best wishes on your new venture! Stay in touch.

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  4. Steve Morris says:

    Good Luck Chris! The 4 steps were dead on accurate. I remember the old saying ” You have 2 ears and 1 mouth and use them in that proportion. I know you will do great and thanks for all your help over the month few months. I hope to have some good news of my own in a few weeks. Take Care.

    • cosborn says:


      Thanks for reading the post! Visit frequently. I will be posting a series of thoughts from my first 4-6 weeks on the job.

      I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and PLEASE let me know as soonas you lnad!


  5. Allan Smith says:

    Congratulations on your new position and thanks for being such a teriffic boss, mentor, leader and coach to so many of your clients and colleagues. Your new career is a great example to those in transition and those wanting more out of their work lives: how a person only needs to focus on learning to be the best they can in the area in which they feel passionate to live their dreams.

    I wish you great success and sense of fulfillment in your new venture and hope to continue to learn from you and work together in the future.

    • cosborn says:


      Thanks for the very kind words. My new role is very exciting and it’s been a great challenge and lots of fun so far.


  6. Hay you have really helped me with this tips..million thanks. This is my first job and can say these are working..hope you share in few more!!

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